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         Instructions to Authors

International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Research" is a Monthly journal  The Journal includes following type of contribution for publication. a- Full length research paper (should not normally exceed 5000 words)
b- Short communications/Report (should not normally exceed 800 words).
c- Review articles.
d- Innovation
e- Book Review
f- Award, Prizes, Seminar Conference, workshop.
Fields covered by the Journal are:

I- Natural sciences : Biology, Physics, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Aquaculture
                              Natural Energy.
II- Biotechnical Sciences : Nano Technology, Forestry, Biotechnology Food Technology, Genetic Engineering,
III- Biomedicine and Health : Basic Medical sciences, Clinical Medicine, Public Health a Health care, Veterinary,
                              Medicine, Pharmaceutics, Dental Sciences, Other related to medical sciences.
IV- Technical Sciences : Architecture, Urban and rural planning, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer
                              Sciences, Textile technology, Traffic and Transportation engineering. Remote Sensing and GIS.
V- Social Sciences : Economics, Law, Political, Information Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Social
                              Geography and Demography, social work, Defence studies, Commerce, Management.
VI- Humanities : History, Archaeology, Languages, Fine Art Science, Ethnology, Anthropology, Literature Science,
                               Library Science


Submission of manuscript will be held to imply that it contains original un-published work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere at the same time. Submitted material will not be returned to the author.


Revised manuscript must be sent to the editor along with the hard copy.

The language of the journal is English or Hindi only. All the submissions should be sent in duplicate with double line spaced and have a margin of 3 cm. all round. Illustrations and tables must be typed on separate sheet, Prepare your manuscript in editable word document. In the final copy after review of the paper the text, Tables, figures, legends, Foot notes and references are in a single type face and font size should be 12 pt. Times New Roman or Kruti Dev 010 (Hindi). The title should be initial capital letter only (Except for names) bold and centered on the page, e.g. Authors - Author full name should be in capitals and followed by the link to the relevant affiliation and an asterisk to indicate the corresponding author,
Centred on the page, e.g.
* John and # John
* Department of Health Sciences.
# Department of Environmental Sciences.
E-mail address, footnote Please place a footnote at the bottom of the first page e.g.,
Abstract - It should be concise, Summarizing the significant coverage and findings (should not exceed 100 words).
Material and Methods.
Result and Discussion.



[1] I Flex chip signal (1996) Processor (Mc 68175/D), M


"PDCA 12-70 Data Sheet op to Speed S.A. Mezzorico, Switzerland.


The IEEE website [online] Available (2002)



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de/recognition application No.2.

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Anonymous 1998 Biodiversity Characterization at Landscape level Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System project Manual DBT- Dos, IIRS Dehradoon. Roy,P.S.Tomar's and Jagannath C 1997 Biodiversity Characterization at land scape level using satellite Remote sensing NNRMS Buletin B-21, PD 12- 18

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Rao, K.S. Khire M.v. Rao, Y.S. Ravat
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1999 SIR- C Date Processing and applications final report submitted to DST, Manch by CSRE, IIT Bombay, India

Mishra R (1968) Ecology Work Book oxford and IBH Publishing Co., New Delhi, 244. P

Breckling Ed. J. 1989 The Analysis of Directional Time Series: Applications to wind speed and direction, Ser. Lecture in statistics,
Berlin, Germany: Springer Vol. 61

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Biochemical and Nutritional Aspects of Trace Elements,
Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York, pp. 5-15

Jaiswal, R.K. Saxena R and Mukherjee's
1999 Application of Remote sensing technology for landused land covers change analysis Jour, Indian SOC. Remote Sensing vol. 27 No. 2 PP 12-128

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Wireless LAN Medium Access (MAC) and Physical layer (PHY) specification, IEEE. Std. 802-11, 1997


The open access publication cost should be covered by the authors institution or research funds ($300 for each paper within printed pages and $ 50 for additional page). Shashi Scientific Research Publication may Grant discounts on paper-processing fees for authors of lower income countries, students or authors in financial difficulty.


Membership Annual Life (For 10 Years) Fellow

25 USD

INR 500

400 USD

INR 7000

2000 USD

INR 20000


100 USD

INR 2000

900 USD

INR 15000

2500 USD

INR 25000


Extra per page charges as follows :
US$ 1/ INR 50


Insside Full Page

USD 10/INR 1000

USD 30/INR 3000

Per Issue

Per Year For 4 Issues

Back Cover Outside

USD 15/ INR 1500

USD 45/ INR 4500

Per Issue

Per Year For 4 Issues

Front Cover Inside

USD 20/INR 2000

USD 60/INR 6000

Per Issue

Per Year for 4 Issues

Back Cover Inside

USD 20/INR 2000

USD 60/INR 6000

Per Isue

Per Year for 4 Issues

Subscription and publication charges must be paid in advance and sent by online/ or Cash deposit/ fund transfers A/c No. 51952011007797, IFSC Code : ORBCO 105195, Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Bhopal (M.P.) India (In Rs Or US$) in favour of Dr. Shashi Tiwari. Every author of the paper must be a member of the Journal. Fellow members of the journal are privileged to write FIJFAR (Fellow International Journal of Fundamental and applied Research) with their name.

Details : You can also send the membership fee/ Advertisement Feethrough Online in the following account of Oriental Bank Of Commerce, Bhopal (M.P.).
Account name: Dr.Shashi Tiwari
Account No. : 51952011007797
IFSC Code: ORBCO 105195
Bhopal (M.P.)


State Bank of India,
Account name: Shashi Tiwari
Account No. : 53001100159
SBI Branch Code 30405,
IFSC Code: SBIN0030405, Bhopal (M.P.)

Kindly send the details of money transfer along with the membership form to the office of the Journal through mail or hard copy through post.

Shashi publication "International Journal of Fundamental and Applied Research" makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the information (Content) Contained in its publication, Shashi Publication takes no responsibility or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the content and disclaim all such representation and warranties whether express or implied to maximum extent permitted by law. Any view expressed in this publication are the view of the authors and are not necessity the Views of the editor or Shashi Scientific Research Publication. We are also not responsible if for the violation of copy right act by the author of the paper, published in this journal if any.


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